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Sherril Reusch:


I love Hillview Puppies! Neat and clean. Puppies are well socialized. Owner works hard to help make a good match between you and puppy. Mine is a papipoo, healthy, happy and full of energy. Moms were with the puppies and social and healthy too. I would definitely get another from them without hesitation!

Rachael Rogers:


We love our shipoo Carl! Can't wait to get another puppy hopefully by next year. Will definitely be going to Hillview Puppies!

Stephanie Perry


We got our beautiful Cavapoo Bella from Hillview Puppies almost 4 years ago she is such a sweet dog and will nap on you all day if you let her! She use to never bark until I got married and my husband golden retriever taught her a thing or two. Lol Hillview is very professional and very helpful when you have questions. I highly recommend them. Yeah the Puppies aren't cheap but think about the quality of dog you are getting... It's not cheap to make them... Lol

Shawn and Shelley Skaife


We got our little Jasper from Hillview. Wonderful family and beautiful puppies. I could not love him more!! I am so happy that we found them.

Michelle Bennett


Baxley was welcomed to our family on September 30. He is a lovable Shihpoo that came healthy, happy, and so playful! He is doing awesome. Hillview Puppies does a fantastic job! I would recommend this breeder to anyone serious about welcoming a new addition to their family!

Tanya Roeder


We have 2 pups from Hillview and Tamara grooms our dogs as well! If I could own 10 of her pups I would! The sweetest ( and most spoiled) dogs I've ever had! 5 stars for sure!

Brooke Glasgow Mezo


We got Ruby on Christmas morning. She is so adorable and we love her to death. It was great working with Tamara - you can tell she really cares about her puppies. Great communication, even now when I have various questions!

Hi Tamara
Just wanted to let you know how well Reggie is doing at home with us! He has come out of his quiet shell and becoming an active puppy! We are in LOVE with this little guy!
He has gotten use to his crate (still cries a bit at night but much better!) in fact as I write this he is sleeping in his crate with the door open !! He gets so excited when he sees us and is doing very well on toilet training! So far no accidents in the house!!
He learns something new everyday which is so fun to watch and see!
He is so smart and just so much fun!

Thought you'd like to see how well he's doing!!
Thanks again!!
Heidi Murphy

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